Installation Guide

Obtaining Installation Media

Commercial licensees of DMO will usually receive the installation media as a CD-ROM, which is part of another product, such as Event Horizon or the Policy Compliance Manager. With these products, DMO is automatically bundled and installed when the base product is installed, therefore this section may be skipped.

Open Source users are more likely to download the software, in which case they will receive a file, which may be a compressed tar archive, or an operating-system specific installation package, such as RPM, DEB or PKG. This document will focus on how to install based on the tar archive format. Assuming that this has been downloaded from Sourceforge, or copied from a CD-ROM, the next step is to satisfy the dependencies.

Installing of the required packages to support LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) applications is not always simple for people who are new to Linux, therefore we found a simple package which combines all of these into one easy installation. We recommend that you visit the Web site, and download the XAMPP package for your operating system from Apache Friends. This has been tested for Ubuntu, SuSE, RedHat, Mandrake and Debian versions of Linux, as well as with Windowx XP. Note that as an open source project, it is possible that some people may wish to develop their own packages for DMO, which support the dependencies of PHP, Apache and MySQL. We certainly encourage such efforts, but cannot support them if they fail.

There are also versions of XAMPP for MacOS X, Solaris and a Windows. Follow the instructions for installation of XAMPP, and continue here when you are complete. Make a careful note of the passwords you use during the installation, as you will need them when configuring DMO. We recommend following the standard installation location of /opt/lampp/ for XAMPP. (For Windows, use C:\Program Files\XAMPP.)

Due to our recommendations on installation locations, it is highly likely that you will need root (Administrator) access rights on the system where you are installing DMO. We do not support users who do not have root access.