LFX Database of Managed Objects (DMO)

Copyright (C) CSO Lanifex GmbH

Paul Gillingwater

Legal NoticeVersion 2.1 beta

Table of Contents
What is the DMO?
How is it used?
System Requirements
DMO Licensing
Commercial Support
Installation Guide
Obtaining Installation Media
Configuring the Servers for Linux
Extracting the tar Archive
Adding Database Tables
Configuration Files
Starting and Provisioning the DMO
Starting DMO
Changing Administration Password
Beginning Navigation in the DMO
Provisioning Data
Definitions and their Attributes
What is a Definition?
What is a regular Attribute?
Core and Regular Attributes
Viewing Definition Details
Editing a Definition
Instance List in Definition Details
Editing Definition Attributes
Instances and their Attributes
About Instances
Instance Tree
Instance List
Instance Detail
Instance Selection
Instance Attributes
Pluggable Actions
Creating Reports
Selecting Report Objects
Choosing Report Type
Report Menu Items
Searching and Selection
Searching within DMO
Quick Search
Configuring Quick Search Attributes
Query Search
Advanced Search
DMO Administration
Access Controls
Modeling Dependencies
DMO within Event Horizon
DMO within Policy Compliance Manager
DMO within Crisis Manager
Customization and Development
DMO and Security Audits
DMO Operations
User Guide for the Database of Managed Objects