Beginning Navigation in the DMO

Immediately after logging in to the DMO, one of two possible screens may appear, depending on how the DMO data has been provided. The first option assumes that no Location Definition has been instantiated, and the global option controlling this feature is disabled. It begins with the "Quick Access" screen, which appears as follows:

At the top of the browser window appears a menu bar, which includes the following choices:

The DMO Quick Access Chart is a convenient navigation tool for quickly selecting popular Definitions. This uses an image map, so that clicking on any of the Definition names will open the Definition List view. The ROOT object represents the root of the Definition Tree, which means the parent definition for all other objects. See the Definitions Section for more details on Definitions.

The second option that may appear when starting DMO is an Instance Tree. This will appear under two conditions:

  1. There should be an instance of the Location Definition. The first one will be chosen.

  2. The LFX Global "start_with_location" should be set to a value of 1 in the LFXlib Globals Management

If both conditions are met, a display similar to the following will be shown:

Note that this same display can be accessed by clicking on the menu at the top labelled "Instance Tree."

Please refer to the Chapter on Instances and their Attributes, for information about navigation through the instance trees.