How is it used?

The DMO can be used as a stand-alone application, or can be integrated within other products. For example, CSO Lanifex GmbH has developed two different products which incorporate DMO: the Event Horizon (EH) Security Monitoring system, and the Policy Compliance Manager (PCM), which verifies compliance with security policies such as ISO17799.

Generally, the DMO is used via a Web interface, which requires a standards-based browser, since it needs HTML 2.0, CSS, Javascript and AJAX techniques. It has been tested with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Konquerer.

The DMO is also distributed to some Lanifex customers as part of a Linux LiveCD, which may be booted in many PCs. This version is used with the results of our security audits, and is designed to provide read-only access to a large amount of structured data. It can also be used to generate PDF, CSV, HTML or XML reports based on data stored within the DMO.

When used as part of the Lanifex Crisis Manager, DMO operates from a DVD-ROM Live CD, and allows modification of its data to be stored on a USB memory stick, for later integration with the original DMO database which generated the DVD.

Some additional documentation on DMO is available at our Wiki: