Editing Definition Attributes

User-defined attributes (not core attributes) may be edited for any definition, subject to user rights. (See the Chapter on Access Control for details on how to enforce access rights, to limit the ability for users to make changes to definitions.) After creating a new definition, it is a good idea (but not essential) to define some attributes for that new definition. Normally, the new definition will inherit all the attributes of its parent definition (but not their values -- only the possibility of assigning a value to the attribute for an instance of the new definition.)

To edit the attributes for a definition, click on the red pencil in the "List of Attributes" tab of the Definition Details view, or edit the core definition, then after saving you will see the following form automatically:

Note that the lock icon [] means that the attribute has been defined on one of the definitions which is a parent definition to this one, and should not be edited here. To add a new attribute, use the green plus [] icon. After making any required changes, click the "Edit" button to save the new attributes. They will then be immediately available to any instances of that definition (and its child definitions.)