Instance Detail

Click on the name of an instance from the instance list, or the magnifier from the instance tree, and you will get the instance details display, as shown in the screen shot below.

The first row shows the name of the definition on which the current instance is based, as a set of "breadcrumbs", which are links to each of the parent definitions. The controls in the top row of the swatch are similar to those described in the previous section, with the addition of the following three:

The second row of this swatch shows the unique name of the instance (plus the eraser icon which will delete the instance.) Below this is a menu, which provides alternatives to clicking on the various icons, regarding the instance currently shown. This menu is dynamic, with a second level. Hover over the menu item to see the second level choices displayed -- clicking on the second level choice will activate it.

The swatches shown in the instance details view are described below: