DMO Licensing

The DMO, and its underlying infrastructure library LFXlib, is released as Open Source with a GNU General Public License v2. See for details of this license. The software remains fully under the Copyright of CSO Lanifex GmbH. We permit non-commercial use of the software without any payment of license fees, however we require any commercial user of the DMO software to pay us a license fee for each implementation, and request any third-party that wishes to sell products based on the DMO to offer us a fixed percentage (5%) of the fees that they charge for DMO-based products.

As we recognize economic conditions are different in various countries, we use The Economist magazine's "Big Mac Index." Thus, the one-time license fee for DMO is 200 Big Macs, which may be converted based on the local price, as shown in The Economist at the following URL:

Note that for customers within the European Union, we are required to add Value Added Tax (VAT), which in Austria consists of 20%. Alternatively, for customers outside Austria we can deduct this Tax if the customer can provide a valid VAT Tax ID on an Order Form.

We are pleased to provide commercial Pro Forma Invoices based on the results of your local Big Mac calculation. (Our Accountants unfortunately prefer hard currency, rather than restaurant hamburgers. We regret that we cannot accept actual hamburgers for the payment of this license fee, nor gift tokens.) Simply send us the amount you have calculated via e-mail, and we will send you a PDF with the Pro Forma invoice, payment for which can then be transferred to our Bank via traditional electronic funds transfer mechanisms.