Quick Search

The Quick Search function is available from at the left of the display when viewing instances or definitions, and their lists.

The Quick Search has an entry box, where a search string may be entered, and four radio buttons below, which provide the following choices:

Note that the Quick Search is implemented using SQL syntax, which means that a "%" character can be used as a substitution for matching many characters. For example, to find all instances which have an IP Address in the subnet, select the "By Attribute" radio button, choose "IP Address" from the select list, and enter the following text into the search box:


The result of the search will be a list of the matching instances, with check boxes next to them. To add the results of the search to the selection (e.g., to perform other actions), click the check boxes of the instances of interest and click the "Add to Selection" button. The following screen shot shows the results of such a search.

To select all of the results of the Quick Search, click on the first checkbox in the list, which should activate all checkboxes below it.

Configuring Quick Search Attributes

The attributes shown by default in the Quick Search menu are configurable. There is a magnifier [] icon in the Quick Search swatch. Click on it to open the Quick Search Attribute Selecter, as shown below.

The attributes are selected from a list of all simple text instance attributes, plus some core attributes. Choose the attribute you wish to search on, and assign it a name (usually the same name as the attribute itself.) Select "System" if it is to be made available to all users in the system, or "User" if the saved search attribute is specific to the current user only. Use the eraser icon to delete the current attribute from the list of attributes available for a Quick Search. This form can also be used to edit existing saved attributes.